Savory Toasts with Almond Cream Cheese, Blackberry, and Thyme

I should start out by saying this is not a sponsored post, I'm just that obsessed. Being a woman who is completely dairy free, gluten free, and meat free (and mostly soy except chocolate) I haven't known the joys of a glorious cream cheese spread in many a moon.... Until this little numba.

Ya'll, this is the real deal. You honestly wouldn't know the difference. It's great on its own with taro chips or nut crackers, but it can play well with others, too, like this spicy blackberry pepper jam. Kind of over the moon about it. If they wanted to get married and make this thing official, I'd volunteer as tribute as the officiant. It's just that good. I'm serious, if you're in the no dairy club like you me have to give this a try.

Definitely one of the easier recipes you'll find on here, all it requires of you is assembly! Enjoy a tasty, pampered snack! Or breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I guess. The beauty of sweet and savory.

Savory Toast with Cream Cheese, Blackberry Jam, and Thyme


gluten free bread, toasted

Kite Hill Chive Almond Cream Cheese

blackberry jam (I used Bonnie's Blackberry Pepper)

fresh thyme

fresh blackberries, halved