Whole30 Veggie Power Bowls with Lemon Tahini Dressing & Chili Spiced Seeds

So this "Whole30" situation is actually changing me on a spiritual level. I mean that literally. I hope you find some kind of colloquial redemption for your grammar loving soul in there somewhere. 


It's really challenged my discipline, or lack there of, and has made me realize areas where I need to apply it. Getting a little zen on you, but if you want a challenge, I highly recommend Whole30.

Time to food talk. 

This dressing. Gives. Me life. Tahini dressing is something I've wanted to try for ages, but for some reason just never took the plunge. I can honesty say I'll be diving headfirst into this on the reg. Shoot, it's killer. 

Another quick note – this salad is also vegan. Gloriously vegan. I haven't fully accepted the lifestyle, although I did for 9 months in college, but stuck to being a veg head. Sometimes a girl just needs her eggs (and the occasional fish). 

Veggie Power Bowls with Lemon Tahini Dressing & Spiced Chili Seeds


2 T tahini

2 T lemon juice

4 T water

2 cloves garlic

1/8-1/4 t tumeric







2-3 kale leaves, shredded

2 cups chopped butternut squash, roasted

3 large shredded brussels sprouts, roasted

1/2 avocado, sliced thin

1 carrot, peeled

2 green onions, sliced thin 

1 small clove garlic, minced

1/2 Persian cucumber, sliced thin

squeeze lemon



Preheat oven to 350. Mix together spices for seeds. Drizzle evoo on top of seeds, stir in spices. Bake until toasted. (you can also roast the squash here, mine was already roasted)

To make the massaged kale, drizzle shredded kale with evoo, add minced garlic and small squeeze lemon juice and massage with hands. 

Add carrots, squash, brussels sprouts, avocado, and cucumber. Top with onion, dressing, and seeds.


1/2 cup pepitas

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 t paprika

pinch cayenne

1/8 t turmeric

1/2 t chili powder

1/2 cumin

2 t extra virgin olive oil